Eight Essential Skills for Trading Mastery

“Mike has done a great job of quantifying and delivering a systematic process for how to deal with the most pressing issues that most traders face daily: understanding the psychology and controlling the emotions that come with the risk and reward of trading.”

–Mark Minervini, Two-Time US Investing Champion Foreword Author, The Trading Mindwheel

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Here’s the thing…

We need to learn and master multiple skills to trade successfully.

Most figure this out the hard way…so did I.

…Emotions aren’t good or bad …understand the beliefs driving them.

…if we’re not consistently tracking our trading, it’s extremely hard to problem solve and adjust

 …Without a system, rules, or guidelines, everything and anything can enter into our analysis. This creates a lot of noise.

…It’s easier to succeed by getting odds on our money, not laying odds.

…The difference between getting rich and going bankrupt has much to do with our position sizes.

…A great trading system will fail you if it does not match your beliefs, goals, and ability to execute.

This is the tip of the iceberg.

The answer:

You need a new trading plan. One that helps you develop skills, see how they’re linked, and understand the full picture.

You need a clear and concise plan that is easy to understand and helps you connect the dots.

The Trading Mindwheel is your new plan…

In these pages, you’ll be able to…

Understand how old patterns of behavior are showing up in your trading and what to do about them.

How to leverage emotions rather than being ruled by them.

How to create feedback loops so you continuously improve.

Continuously improve by creating feedback loops.

Save time and trade stress-free by developing systems, schedules, and routines that fit your goals, beliefs, and ability to execute.

How to gauge the “market’s mood” and profit from it

Developing funnels, rules, and setups that will help move faster and block out the noise

Mindsets needed for risking capital and ways to manage risk effectively

The life cycle of a trade. When to sell in stages vs. when to sell it all.

The BIG picture and assessing our total risk

Discipline + Balance = Sustainable Success

Absolute Confidence vs. Absolute Delusion. Using Factor modeling, backtesting, and forward testing to verify efficacy.

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Here’s what they are saying

Mike Webster

Prior: IBD-Head Market Strategist, O’Neil Capital Mgmt-SVP/PM Ideas. Current Portfolio Manager for a private fund.​

Excellent! The Trading Mindwheel is packed with many practical steps needed to become a more successful trader. It’s perfect for anyone who’s read Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (Lefevre/Livermore) and William O’Neil’s book (How To Make Money In Stocks) and is ready for more specifics.​

Leif Soreide

2019 U.S Investing Champion and Founder of Champion Team Trading

In his book, The Trading Mindwheel, Michael emphasizes the vital role mindset plays in a trader’s ability to profitably execute a sound trading strategy. Top-performing traders know that achieving trading mastery first requires overcoming mental barriers. ​

Austin Silver

Founder ASFX.biz

Mike explains trading psychology in a way that every trader can not only grasp but instantly apply to their trading.

Adam Sarhan

Author of Psychological Analysis, Host of The Smart Money Show Podcast, Forbes Contributor, & Founder FindLeadingStocks.com

Michael Lamothe is the real deal. He is living proof that dreams do come true on Wall Street. He quit his 9 to 5 and now makes a full-time living from the stock market. Michael knows what it takes to be successful on and off Wall St.

Rizwan Memon

Founder & President Riz International

The Trading Mindwheel covers important concepts that all traders should know and implement in their trading. It’s an excellent resource for new and experienced traders alike!

Bob Lotich

Best-selling author of Simple Money, Rich Life

As a long-time buy-and-hold investor, I found this book to be a fascinating, informative, must-read for anyone interested in trading. As any trader knows, there is an emotional rollercoaster, and daily trials that need to be overcome, and Mike has successfully created an easy-to-follow guide that not only helps you develop the mindsets needed for success but also that will shave years off your learning curve.”

Anthony Crudele

Trader, one of the first traders to trade the E-mini S&P. 20+ year Futures Trader, one of the youngest members in CME Group history. Host of Futures Radio Show Podcast.

The biggest misconception new traders have when learning how to trade is that their technical or fundamental strategy will be all they need to become a successful trader, but without the proper mindset, they will never find success as a trader. The Trading Mindwheel lays out 8 essential skills that will be worth more to a trader than any technical or fundamental strategy they will learn.

Jason Graystone

Trader & Investor, Co-Founder of Tier One Trading, Host of Always Free Podcast

Having been a trader and investor myself for many years and experienced many different market conditions, I fully accept that the ability to remain consistent and focused is essential.
I have also realized that, at times, you can feel isolated and lonely. In the world of the internet today, there is a sea of information, much of which is counterproductive to traders and investors. Quality resources are sparse. Even most successful traders keep their cards close to their chests.

I want to thank Mike for writing this book because this is what traders and investors need. The quality of this book is the standard of tool that actually provides traders and investors with an edge.

A must-read for anyone serious about making a success of trading.

Akil Stokes

Co-Founder of Tier One Trading, Host of The Trading Coach Podcast

Mike’s book is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise suffocating world of trading education. No bells, whistles, or promises, simply an inside look at what it really takes to be a consistently profitable trader. Most books spend far too much time teaching “secret methods” or a “magic strategies” that promise to bring results. This one takes a no-fluff approach & focuses on the key categories that need to be addressed if a trader wants to become and more importantly, remain successful.

Pat Walker

IBD Meetup Leader, Founder of Mission Winners

Michael goes DEEP on techniques, tactics, and self analysis. In these areas Michael GUIDES us on how to use proven investing techniques and how to honestly do a good self-assessment on how to use the techniques and how to IMPROVE YOUR APPROACH WITH THE TECHNIQUES!

As a new trader, I was told to “follow the rules, have discipline, and it will all work out in the end.”

…After years wasted and money flushed, I learned the hard way that there was more to it than that.

Great rules without the beliefs that created them are like a computer without the software installed. It’s not going to work for the majority.

What’s needed is a new perspective. The Eight Essential skills for trading mastery are timeless. They have been siloed. And that is why nearly everyone struggles with trading. They haven’t been presented as part of an interconnected skillset with mindset at its core.  

The Trading Mindwheel is what you need for your trading to roll down the path of success.

About Michael Lamothe

Michael Lamothe is a highly successful trading coach who has blended his unique experiences with a diverse set of practical strategies that have made him a sought-after speaker and leader within the financial industry today. 

After becoming profitable in the market trading part-time while maintaining a separate full-time career, Michael launched his first business to help others find success while trading part-time. This led to speaking gigs across the US, including events hosted by StockTwits, the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII), and NASDAQ TV.

Due to these successes, before the age of 40, Michael left the corporate world behind to pursue entrepreneurship and coach others wanting to trade successfully.

Michael’s passion led him to write a best-selling book and a mass social media following of more than 170,000 across Instagram, Twitter, and StockTwits (@MichaelGLamothe). 

He has partnered with investing clubs to educate and help people trade better. 

Michael enjoys engaging with his followers and is active on several social media platforms where his posts are regularly viewed hundreds of thousands of times each month.

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