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About “The Trading Mindwheel” & Michael Lamothe

Like many, Michael Lamothe started out with a dollar and a dream back in 1999. However, by 2002 that dream had turned into a nightmare… 3 years were gone, and he had less money than when he started. It would take him another eight years to begin turning his mistakes into lessons. These lessons, however, would ultimately become the tenets of “The Trading Mindwheel.”

At the center of it, all is mindset. Mindset is the axle of the Trading Mindwheel, and for good reason. Mindset comprises our beliefs, belief systems, emotions, and habits. In this way, we don’t actually trade the market. We trade our beliefs about the market. For better or worse, our beliefs control our actions. Our actions control our results. Therefore, we best get a handle on the beliefs we have and the beliefs we need to get the results we want.

“The Trading Mindwheel” lays out a blueprint for weeding our mental gardens, and acquiring the beliefs and skillsets needed for trading mastery.

Hi. I’m Mike. And I want to help you.

Trading is challenging. But not impossible.

The first thing you need to do is learn the Eight Essential Skills for Trading Mastery. The book, this conference, and each of the speakers are giving you a huge leg up! Take notes. Post comments. Ask questions.

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Trading Mindwheel Speakers

Today’s speakers are world-class performers in each of the Eight Essential Skills for Trading Mastery. They’re also some of the most caring and genuine people you’ll ever meet. Read their bios. Follow them on social. Check out their content. And make personal connections with them.

Jason Graystone

Jason started his first business at 22 years old. Since then, he has built multimillion-dollar businesses online as well as in the service sector. As well as a successful entrepreneur, Jason is a professional investor, speculator, and angel investor. His love for investing allowed him to become completely financially free by the time he was 30 years old. Jason has spoken on some of the world’s most reputable stages in the investing space as well as universities, schools, and for some large corporations including the MET police.

Anthony Crudele

Anthony is a heart attack survivor. One of the first traders to trade the E-mini S&P 500. He is a 23+ year Futures Trader, one of the youngest members in CME Group history. Host of Futures Radio Show Podcast & Develop Your Edge.

Austin Silver

Austin started his career as a retail trader in 2015. After a rocky start, he has now built one of the largest social media followings in the trading industry behind sharing valuable content through his daily trades. Being an entrepreneur at heart, Austin has built multiple successful businesses around the strategies he uses in the Forex market. Austin’s passion is rooted in helping bring value to the masses. His goal is to get as many people as possible trading actively and taking full control of their financial future.

Pat Walker

Pat has been trading for over 30 years. His goal is to help speed up your learning curve with proven systems & analysis. He is an investor, swing trader, educator, IBD Meetup leader. Grateful Husband & Father.

Mark Minervini

Mark is a Two-time US Investing Champion and is considered one of America’s most successful stock traders; a veteran of Wall Street for more than 37 years. He is the author of the best-selling books Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard and Think and Trade Like a Champion. He is also the foreword author of The Trading Mindwheel.

Jim Roppel

Jim is a very successful hedge fund manager who built his career by mastering the art of buying (& holding) monster stocks. Jim is featured in “How Legendary Traders Made Millions”. and is well-known as one of the greatest growth stock traders of our generation. 1985 Trader. Seen wars, currency crashes, everything. Studied under William O’Neil.

Akil Stokes

Akil is an Investor, Forex Trader & Coach. He is the CoFounder of Tier One Trading. He has been featured in Forbes as one of the leaders in Trading Education. He is the host of The Trading Coach Podcast. Track Coach at Millersville – Proud Husband & Father

Adam Sarhan

Adam is the best-selling author of “Psychological Analysis.” He believes Fundamental and Technical analysis are not enough to beat the market and that Psychological Analysis is key to winning on wall-street. His personal account is up over 1000% since 2016. He is a contributor to and, and hosts the popular show – where he interviews large money managers and CEOs of publicly traded companies for timeless advice. Learn more on

Stuart Chalmers

Stu was one of the first MARA Elite Program members. In 2021 he joined the MARA team as a coach! Stu has 15 years of trading experience. His key trading influences have been Mark Minervini, William O’Neil, Jesse Stine, Mike Bellafiore, and of course Michael Lamothe who brought belief, calm, and a pinch of zen to the whole thing. Stu has mastered the art of momentum based swing trading and is up over 1000% since 2020.

The Trading Mindwheel Book

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If you are a beginner, struggling, or want to take your trading to the next level, The Trading Mindwheel is your roadmap to lasting trading success.


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Mike explains trading psychology in a way that every trader can not only grasp but instantly apply to their trading.

The tips and techniques that Mike shares are not going to be found in some random online blog; Mike has such a unique way of explaining things that you’re sure to find value in every sentence.

Mike has been around long enough to know what works, and what doesn’t work, and he conveys that incredibly well.

– Austin Silver

Michael Lamothe is the real deal. He is living proof that dreams do come true on Wall Street. He quit his 9 to 5 and now makes a full-time living from the stock market. Michael knows what it takes to be successful on and off Wall St.

– Adam Sarhan

The Trading Mindwheel covers important concepts that all traders should know and implement in their trading. It’s an excellent resource for new and experienced traders alike!

– Rizwan Memon

The biggest misconception new traders have when learning how to trade is that their technical or fundamental strategy will be all they need to become a successful trader, but without the proper mindset, they will never find success as a trader. The Trading Mindwheel lays out 8 essential skills that will be worth more to a trader than any technical or fundamental strategy they will learn.

– Anthony Crudele

As a long-time buy-and-hold investor, I found this book to be a fascinating, informative, must-read for anyone interested in trading. As any trader knows, there is an emotional rollercoaster, and daily trials that need to be overcome, and Mike has successfully created an easy-to-follow guide that not only helps you develop the mindsets needed for success but also that will shave years off your learning curve.”

– Bob Litich

Michael goes DEEP on techniques, tactics, and self analysis. In these areas Michael GUIDES us on how to use proven investing techniques and how to honestly do a good self-assessment on how to use the techniques and how to IMPROVE YOUR APPROACH WITH THE TECHNIQUES!

– Pat Walker

Mike’s book is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise suffocating world of trading education. No bells, whistles, or promises, simply an inside look at what it really takes to be a consistently profitable trader. Most books spend far too much time teaching “secret methods” or a “magic strategies” that promise to bring results. This one takes a no-fluff approach & focuses on the key categories that need to be addressed if a trader wants to become and more importantly, remain successful.

– Akil Stokes

Having been a trader and investor myself for many years and experienced many different market conditions, I fully accept that the ability to remain consistent and focused is essential.

– Jason Graystone

Conference Schedule

*NOTE: All Times are Eastern Standard Times

10:00am MC – Jason Graystone

10:05am Mike Lamothe

10:15am Mindset – Beliefs, Belief Systems, Emotions, and Habits

11:15am Journaling and Post Analysis – Accountability and Continuous Improvement

12:15pm Market and Trade Analysis

1:30pm 30 minute LUNCH BREAK

2:00pm Risk, Reward, and Position Sizing

3:00pm Trade Management / Portfolio Management

4:00pm Factor Modeling, Back Testing, Forward Testing

5:00pm Fireside Chat w/ Mark Minervini


  1. Mindset – Beliefs, Belief Systems, Emotions, and Habits 
    1. Adam Sarhan
    2. Anthony Crudele
    3. Austin Silver
    4. Pat Walker
    5. Mike Lamothe
  2. Journaling and Post Analysis – Accountability and Continuous Improvement
    1. Austin Silver
    2. Mike Lamothe
  3. Market and Trade Analysis
    1. Austin Silver
    2. Akil Stokes
    3. Stuart Chalmers
    4. Pat Walker
    5. Mike Lamothe
  4. Risk, Reward, and Position Sizing
    1. Adam Sarhan
    2. Anthony Crudele
    3. Jim Roppel 
    4. Stuart Chalmers
    5. Mike Lamothe
  5. Trade Management / Portfolio Management 
    1. Adam Sarhan
    2. Pat Walker
    3. Jim Roppel
    4. Stuart Chalmers
    5. Mike Lamothe
  6. Factor Modeling, Back Testing, Forward Testing
    1. Akil Stokes
    2. Mike Lamothe
  7. Fireside Chat
    1. Mark Minervini
    2. Mike Lamothe
  8. Conclusion
    1. Mike Lamothe